DH Recruitment Services

DH Recruitment Services

Dear customers and friends. After making our first approach by phone, we send you the presentation of our services. We have candidates from different profiles for all jobs in our database. We have not only the best team of selectors but also an excellent working methodology to reach the objective.  We can present you a short list of final candidates this week (only charge if our candidates are admitted to the firm).

We would like to visit you and get to know us and trust us. If you have a phone or skype to tell you more in detail about our work maybe we could be partners.

Waiting for your reply, sincerely,

We are a company with presence and experience in Latin América (Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Perú, Ecuador, Panamá, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Chile), Asia (Dubai, Quatar, China), USA, Canadá, Australia and Spain. We address issues of HR and Communication meet business needs of Recruitment, Personal Training, Diagnostic and Organizational Change, Communicative Diagnosis, Development and Implementation of Performance Evaluations and creating performance management systems tailored to each company.

This is the reason we send our submissions attached in PDF and PPT services, and we invite you to know us and count on us in making decisions. Because we know that the most important part of every organization is people, talent and communication, we know we can help. Contact us, we know about business.


Our services

Our work combines tools from various disciplines such as Human Resources, Institutional Relations and Psychology, with the aim of providing a more accurate and appropriate approach to the particular situation of your company. We are experts in getting the best human resources, making focus on the quality commitment in the process for all sides. Experience and professionalism of your team. – Quality of care- Specialization in Human Resource management skills in all processes – Creativity and Innovation.


  • Analysis and job description
  • Performance Evaluations
  • Communication Plan for small Companies.
  • Organizational Diagnosis Service
  • Service Staff Recruitment and Selection
  • Services for Training and Evaluation in distance.